Architecture and Art

Lamy’s innovative use of architecture and art closely corresponds to their own brand identity. The headquarters in Heidelberg is a pioneering example of how company values can be lived. From characteristic building design to various artistic interventions, Lamy integrates inspiration and innovation into the company’s daily routine thus creating a lively work culture that is contagious.

Architecture with character:
the Lamy Development Centre

Applying a comprehensive understanding of design, it is mainly the architecture which reflects the spirit of a company the most – everything from the facade and processed materials to the lighting concepts and acoustics. In Lamy’s case, the Development Centre is a symbolical representation of the basic aesthetic principles of the brand. This impressive building in which Lamy creates, tests and produces new products is shaped by clear, reduced form as well as sophisticated technical solutions. Especially fascinating: a black glass cube equipped with solar panels is suspended on silver steel cables and pylons, lending elegance to the design of the overall structure. Clarity, quality and functionality – all features which the company also strives for in its products. At the same time, the Development Centre also represents Lamy’s ecological commitment: The façade’s photovoltaic modules supply the building with solar energy while a water tank collects rainwater thus lowering overall water consumption.

Lamy Galleria and the Sculpture Garden

In addition to architecture, the fine arts also play a central role at Lamy. It highlights the close relation to the aesthetic and at the same time serves as a generator for new ideas. The Lamy Galleria is situated between the Development Centre and injection moulding hall – right in the middle of the daily work routine: An extensive glass hall flooded with light, walls lined with huge paintings. A place of art directly in the heart of Lamy that not only leads to inspiring interchanges during meetings and employee assemblies – with its varying temporary exhibitions, it has become an institution within Heidelberg’s cultural environment.

While the Lamy Galleria strives for public exchange, the Lamy Sculpture Garden serves as a retreat and source of inspiration for Lamy employees. This green oasis on the roof of the production hall not only invites one to take a break among the cypresses and bamboo, it is also a collection of contemporary sculptures of well-known artists. These geometrically precise sculptures are analogous to Lamy’s design language, and this analogy is to be understood as a permanent request to change perspectives and to always think one step ahead. A motto which symbolically represents Lamy’s own philosophy and is revitalized by architectural and artistic commitment.