Our Brand Values

Clarity, honesty, balance, creativity and brand salience. The creative consistency between products and communication – from written material and advertising to company architecture – has made Lamy a trustworthy brand with an unmistakable profile which represents quality, innovation and modern design worldwide.

Manual precision and an eye for fine detail

Did you know that on average, about three quarters of the time needed to make a writing instrument is manual work? Even in these days of increasing automatisation, manual detailed work is extremely important at Lamy. It complements mechanical manufacturing processes – especially where special care and skills are needed. Many models – for example the LAMY 2000, LAMY dialog 3, LAMY swift and LAMY studio – are completely assembled by hand, in order to achieve the best possible manufacturing for these sophisticated writing instruments. Thus Lamy is able to guarantee especially high quality standards through the care and precision provided by experienced employees.

Quality control at Lamy

All Lamy products are subjected to strict quality control before leaving manufacturing. This takes place not only through automatised procedures during final assembly but also through visual inspection: factors such as optics, colour, degree of gloss and function are closely examined by our trained and highly qualified employees.

Typical Lamy: quality from A to Z

Lamy writing instruments are characterized by the highest quality in functionality, material and manufacturing. Maintaining exclusive production at the Heidelberg site is the most important factor for Lamy’s unswerving high standards: Here all manufacturing steps meet, from design and product development to final assembly.

Lamy’s consistent “Made in Germany” top quality is ensured by the unusually high production depth and careful controlling during the entire process of manufacturing.

Made in Heidelberg – Made by Lamy

At Lamy, quality assurance already starts during production of the materials and components used: Almost 95 % of all components are produced in-house. Lamy makes all of its own plastic parts –including the ink cartridges – in the company’s own injection moulding hall. Likewise, all ballpoint pen refills and nibs – whether steel or gold – are also produced in-house at Lamy.


What is it that holds a company together? It is a common attitude, a point of view – definite values. For Lamy, one value of great importance is responsibility. It guides the company in how it thinks and acts.

So Lamy makes sure that for example all materials and manufacturing processes are continuously checked for their environmental compatibility, that all remaining materials and supplies are sorted and recycled and that consumption of primary energy and water is reduced as much as possible (rainwater is used where possible). When it comes to transport routes – or detours – Lamy also has a clear point of view: Not only are all products manufactured exclusively in Germany, it is standard practice that all subcontractors and materials are from Germany as well.

Equally important to the company is social responsibility in the community. Lamy is proud of not having any perceptible fluctuation. Stable working relationships with employees, subcontractors and business partners is one of the company’s central pillars – as is the strong connection to the Heidelberg location.

This is the environment in which Lamy produces its long-lasting writing instruments.

Writing instruments that can also be repaired if damaged, by the way – Lamy has never and will never make disposable products.