A look back on „50 years of Lamy design“

Lamy looks back on an eventful year 2016. The “50 years of Lamy design” anniversary year not only marked a significant milestone in the company’s history but also the start of a new era. Using the slogan “not just a pen”, Lamy impressively documented its development into a global lifestyle brand. The brand represents exceptional design, perfect functionality, individuality and the pleasures of writing by hand for writing enthusiasts around the globe.

On 1st October 2016, the company celebrated “50 years of Lamy design” with around 400 guests at Heidelberg Castle. Lamy staged an exceptional presentation to set a visible sign for the breakthrough of the brand into a new era: a spectacular light projection on the historic facade of Heidelberg Castle established the link between traditional writing by hand and the digital age. The message: Lamy is present. A brand with tradition. But also, and above all, a brand with future, more vivid and contemporary in the digital age than ever. The event was accompanied with live posts around the world on Facebook and Instagram which meant that the growing fan community could also experience it on social networks.