LAMY specs

LAMY specs is the new magazine from Lamy, published around the world from March 2018. What's really special about LAMY specs is its augmented reality app offering access to further exclusive content and extraordinary features.

Analogue and digital, real and virtual – the boundaries are fluid in LAMY specs.

The pages of the new Lamy magazine hide more than you might imagine at first glance: a whole world you can bring to life with your smartphone or tablet.

This is all made possible by the augmented reality app of the same name. It offers access to exciting content going beyond text and image – from videos to fascinating 3D animations.

The very first issue of LAMY specs takes you on a journey through the exciting Lamy universe: an interview with Jasper Morrison, glimpses into production at Lamy and far more besides.

LAMY specs is available from March 2018 at leading Lamy retailers worldwide and online:

It's easy to use:

Simply download the "LAMY specs" app onto your smartphone or tablet, look out for the "scan" symbol in the magazine, hold the screen over the page of your choice – and prepare to be surprised…

Download the "LAMY specs" app to your smartphone or tablet.
Keep a lookout for the "scan" symbol in the print magazine.
Open the app and hold the screen above the relevant page.
Let us surprise you!