Design. Made in Germany.

For Lamy, the expression “Made in Germany” is more than just an indication of origin. It is moreso an expression of uncompromising demand for quality – and a company culture based on strong convictions which are authentically practiced. Lamy writing instruments follow Germany’s best designing traditions and engineering expertise. Innovation, reliability and intelligent understatement are distinguishing characteristics. Lamy very consciously refrains from promoting luxury; instead, they rely on the absolute highest standards of processing, material and functionality – proven quality.

Heidelberg Guide

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Lamy writing instruments are produced solely in Germany. More precisely: in Heidelberg, where the family company has resided since its foundation in 1930. And nothing will change that in the future – despite increasing globalisation. Lamy is inseparably connected to its roots: as employer to about 300 people as well as cultural representative and sponsor. But also as a family company which draws a part of its strength and authenticity from a very lively region that has represented science, research and cosmopolitan attitude for centuries.

LAMY Flagship Store in Heidelberg

The first and only LAMY flagship store in Germany is located right at the heart of Heidelberg. In the centre of the old city, the new shop offers a unique brand experience on an area of 100 square meters where visitors can not only discover the versatile range of LAMY products but also learn more about the company’s values and visions.

LAMY Flagship Store
Hauptstraße 160
69117 Heidelberg