LAMY 2000

The modern classic.

The LAMY 2000 has been writing design history since 1966. As a timeless classic it is still one of the most modern writing instruments today. Made of fibreglass polycarbonate, exclusive woods or matt stainless steel. The LAMY 2000 is available as a piston fountain pen with partially platinised 14 carat gold nib, ballpoint pen, rollerball pen, mechanical pencil and multicolour ballpoint pen.

Design: Gerd A. Müller

LAMY safari

Write different.

Many attractive colours, timeless design, perfect ergonomics. These are just some of the reasons that the LAMY safari is one of the most popular writing instruments worldwide. Distinctive recessed grip guarantees writing comfort.

Design: Wolfgang Fabian

LAMY abc

Learn to write with Lamy.

With Lamy’s help, children learn to write systematically. First step is the LAMY abc Beginner’s Pencil. Then comes the LAMY abc Beginner’s Fountain Pen using ink. Both instruments were designed for children, from an ergonomic as well as a pedagogical point of view. This makes writing both easy and fun.

Design: Entwicklungsgruppe Mannheim/Prof. Bernt Spiegel

LAMY swift

Prominent form.

The capless rollerball writes with fascinating fluidity, gliding over the paper. It writes as elegantly as a fountain pen – but is as easy to handle as a ballpoint. Its main feature is a special push mechanism which allows the ink refill to slide out while at the same time, the clip retracts into the casing.

Design: Wolfgang Fabian

LAMY AL-star

The light aluminium experience.

The LAMY AL-star pairs smart design with the lightness and cool elegance of the high-tech material that is aluminium, anodised in various colours. The LAMY AL-star an attractive, young writing instrument which satisfies even the highest requirements.

Design: Wolfgang Fabian

LAMY accent

Individual expression.

The first writing instrument to come with an interchangeable grip. Depending on the chosen combination, a completely new look can be created, adapted to personal style. Various material combinations, from wood and rubber to lacquer and precious metal, allow the series to sparkle time and again in a new light.

Design: Phoenix Product Design

LAMY pico

Surprisingly practical.

The LAMY pico is a real master of transformation which reveals its true size when slight pressure is applied: thanks to the sophisticated push mechanism, the compact cylinder is transformed into a full-grown ballpoint pen in a flash.

Design: Franco Clivio

LAMY studio

Timeless perfection.

The LAMY studio shows just how close design and art can be. The propeller-shaped clip adds an innovative design touch and stands out from the bulky metal body. High-quality stainless steel and top quality surfaces round off the stylish design of this series.

Design: Hannes Wettstein

LAMY dialog 3

Innovative twist-action fountain pen.

The LAMY dialog 3 is a capless fountain pen in which the nib and clip can be elegantly lowered with a simple twist. Its spring system is manually adapted with the highest level of precision in each individual pen so that the nib and clip are in an exact straight line.

Design: Franco Clivio

LAMY imporium

Icon of character and style.

The combination of playful details and consistently reduced forms gives the LAMY imporium series its unmistakeable appearance – a stylish union of contemporary design and luxury writing. Top quality materials such as gold, platinum and titanium highlight the premium standards of this very special pen.

Design: Mario Bellini


Live deluxe.

The LAMY Lx is a stylish, modern writing instrument with that “something special”. A functional and elegant companion. Made of aluminium, it features stylish details refined with precious metal and a sophisticated anodised finish. Never before has writing been so much about lifestyle.

LAMY aion

Simply modern.

A sleek, perfectly-proportioned body, a straight clip, a stainless-steel spring. The LAMY aion is consequently minimalistic yet also surprises with progressive details – such as the series-exclusive, newly-formed spring. A distinguishing feature of the LAMY aion is the ‘cast in one piece’ manufacture, whereby the body and cap are each designed as closed, seamless components and have an innovative surface structure.

Design: Design: Jasper Morrison